Our Mission

The Lennoxville Youth Center is an association of young people and adults who have given themselves the mission to provide a structured meeting place where adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 can have meaningful contact with adults and work towards becoming citizens who are critical, active and responsible.



A brief history – Lennoxville Youth Center


The Lennoxville Youth Center is a non-profit charitable organization whose primary objective is to meet the needs of young people in our community. Our mission is to encourage these youth to become critical, active, and responsible citizens and we facilitate their development by providing a safe, lively and structured environment where they can participate in activities that they themselves have selected and organized. Our desire is to foster among young people a sense of responsibility, autonomy, and achievement.

The Center was born in 1986 and our primary objectives remain largely the same to this day – to develop a sense of community among our young people, facilitate the learning of democratic life, encourage autonomy and leadership,  better equip them for their life’s journey and develop their capacity to create and maintain interpersonal relationships.

We also aim to assist and motivate our youth members to take charge of their lives by making responsible decisions about their romantic relationships, drug or alcohol use, education and employment, etc… The Lennoxville Youth Center continues to enhance education for our young people by offering information sessions on topics related to adolescence. In addition, our Center is equipped with a multitude of resources for all of the difficulties that young people can face during adolescence.  By keeping these teenagers interested and motivated through positive and productive means, we ensure they are not causing trouble and they do not find themselves in the street.

The Center makes a considerable effort to reach young people in our community who are often forgotten because they are only a small portion of the population.  This is extremely important as adolescence can be a very difficult time to live through and we are proud to be one of the only organizations in the community to respond specifically to their needs.

In 2013 the Lennoxville Youth Center continues its efforts to reach the youth of our community and is proud to offer its youth members a bilingual animation team as well as the opportunity to participate in a plethora of fun and educational activities throughout the course of the year.



Teen Activity Committee (T.A.C.)


The T.A.C. is an activity committee, and as such, it is in charge of planning activities and events of interest to the members of the Youth Centre.  The members of the T.A.C. act as representatives for all members, their role is to listen to the opinions and ideas of members in relation to the activities that they want to organize at the Center.

The Youth Center’s mandate includes three specific areas to be developed.


  1. Educational: These include all workshops or events in which a specific theme or idea is introduced and/or discussed.  The role of the T.A.C. is to identify what the members’ needs are and workshops/activities that could meet these needs.
  2. Leisure: Includes all activities and outings involving general group fun such as; organized sports, games, group outings, etc.  For these, the role of the T.A.C. is to find out what the members want to do and to help organize these activities.  The T.A.C. also has to help plan fundraisers, set objectives and make sure the members know what their financial situation is.
  3. Community Involvement: This area includes all the activities and events that help increase the involvement of the members in the community (such as our involvement in the Friendship Day Parade), or make what happens at the Youth Center more visible to the community (such as holding an open house).  The role of the T.A.C. is to encourage general involvement in these activities and let members know how they can contribute to community life.

The T.A.C. is composed of 5-7 members who are elected by youth members of the Centre.